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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
Crystal's primary platform was the 360. They collaborated with Nixxes to port the game to PS3 and PC.
That must be why the PC and PS3 versions are nearly identical in terms of lighting and color balance, while the 360 is considerably darker.

Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Also, a next gen version of the Jan Mayen motorbike area was created and a screenshot is used as the loading screen for at lest the PS2 version. The next gen loading screen is just of the tower inside.
Wasn't Lara meant to encounter polar bears in this section? I seem to recall seeing a render somewhere.

Though my first exposure to the game was through the PC demo, the Wii version was the first complete release I played, so I have something of a soft spot for it. A number of enemies were reduced in quantity (the Naga and Thralls particularly) while plenty were cut entirely (all sharks and spiders). When I finally got the PC version, the giant spiders appearing Southern Mexico scared the daylights out of me, as I was NOT expecting them!

One visual difference that really sticks out is that the Eitr appears spearmint green instead of blue. It's especially effective in the Southern Mexico level, which has a completely different Thor chamber.
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