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Hello folks, I'm having trouble to get my TR IV (Steam Version) running on Windows 10. Weird thing is, it was working well for some time using only the TR Multipatch and Widescreen Patch. Now it won't start anymore, no matter what I do (I did not change any of my system settings). The screen goes black and I have to restart the computer.

I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, running without patches, with the patches, even using Peixotos Patch (which won't find TR IV path and says there's an error). The game works in windowed mode but well... who wants to play it like that.

I'm running out of ideas and the Guides on Steam or fansites didn't help so far. Do some of you maybe ran into the same problems and know how to fix it?

Also: How can this still be an issue in 2021? I even approached developers on Twitter that it would be nice to fix the classic TR games but they didn't reply.
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