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Originally Posted by SSJ6Wolf View Post

This was also the time that Lara's consistency went out the window. How high does Lara jump? Well, now it depends on whether the developers "want" her to jump toward something or not. It's like Lara's controls change to fit the environment around her instead of the other way around.
This is my biggest frustration with post-Core Tomb Raiders. Yes, the "blocks" system was unrealistic and cartoonish, but it made platforming feel like a skill you could master. Over time, you kind of...internalize the arcs and distances of Lara's different jumps, and you use that info to "plan out" more difficult platforming segments.

With the newer games, it seems as if Lara's "magnetized". Jumps that're well within Lara's grasp...she'll flail and fall to her death if it's not part of the dev-approved "path" - jumps that seem utterly impossible, well...if it's what the game wants you to do, Lara's grappling hook will shoot out twice as far as normal, and she'll soar towards her destination like Leia floating through f'ing space.

Also, I don't like Tomb Raider being so serialized. Aside from AOD, all of Lara's previous outings were self-contained stories. There were easter eggs and background references, but a newcomer could start with any of the first four games and not be missing vital info.

The CD Trilogy goes too far in trying to turn Lara's adventures into a single epic story about family and prophecy and "living up to her father's legacy". The fact it dragged TR1's story into this whole "grand narrative" is also a pretty sore point for me.
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