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Thanks. I can't remember what I was like in this forum back then, but I remember doing some photoshopped pics, mostly of Tomb Raider, for a laugh and a way of passing some time. And I was not too bad at the song hangman game! Although in retrospect I suppose the hangman game was an annoying form of spam for the mods

It's mostly the moderators I remember off the top of my head. Neteru, Nicky, Elen, Drewey, Scottlee etc. Although if I saw other older members avatars, I might remember them. I hope they're well, wherever they are.

I'm not likely to be a regular again, but already I've found some useful stuff here, for example the TR2 randomizer.

Anyway thanks for the nostalgia, now I've got 5 Tomb Raider games to complete...and yes I will probably need to use a walkthrough.....
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