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No patch like the one you mentioned currently exists ATM, although the creator did make a small patch (I'll link to it later when I can find it). The best that can be done is just running tomb3 with dgvoodoo2 for any gfx related issues. Sound probably could be any number of issues. Have you tried running Tomb3's setup to see if it's detecting any sound devices properly?

UPDATE: Here it is, it's just a simple widescreen patch with a newer fmv player since he didn't get into fully decompiling the game at the time:

UPDATE UPDATE: Forgot one more thing. Peixoto's patch should support this game as well. Aside from mods like texture replacements, I'm not too sure what else it offers since I personally don't use it.
The mod is free, as far as I can tell.

The 2 mods posted above are not compatible with one another IIRC.

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