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Talking Hello fellow raiders!


I've been waiting for a long time before I registered on this forum. For some reason I had to try several times, but here I am. I come from France and am really excited to share nice discussions with people from everywhere in the world. I've been a TR player for a long time and a great admirer of websites like Stella's. Gee that was more than 20 years ago now! So we're supposed to be saying something unusual to make our introductions interesting eh? OK, there you go: I recently bought a house and the previous owners had the same family name as one of most iconic villain in classic Tomb Raider (can't say which c'mon but trust me!) so I took it as a sign this was the house I needed. I registered on this forum because I think it's interesting to rediscover games from the perspective of other people and exchange about something we all like but for different reasons, more especially now that there have been several generations.

About me: I was there when TR1 came out back in 96, I was very young and I still remember my reaction in the Lost Valley but the truth is, I was never able to quit tomb raiding. TR2 came out, Unfinished business, TR3, Golden Mask, TR4, Lost Artifact, then there was a hole in the space-time continuum for me and then there was TR6, TRL (yeah I was skeptikal about CD to begin with but being a Soul Reaver/ Pandemonium player I knew CD Tomb Raider would give an interesting result), TRA, TRU... then there was another hole in the space-time continuum for me and I came back for ROTTR and SOTTR. Everything that has "Tomb Raider" in its title I played. I still need to complete the Lara Croft spinoffs though. I don't especially play that kind of games for Lara herself so I don't mind her character changing the way she has in recent years.

To conclude, the akward moment when we discuss tastes. My favorite TR is TR3/TLA, then TR2/GM, then TRA and SOTTR (8th DLC...?), then there's a tie between TR4/TRU/ROTTR. The TR games I like the least are TR5 and TR2013 but I know these games have their fanclubs and I can rely to that, TR3 being my favorite, it's a very polarizing game as well but we all know it's reasonably the best so... haha, kidding! You can't argue about tastes. Seriously though, you don't get to see so many unusual things in a single TR game other than TR3+TLA, they "pushed the boundaries" (Heather Gibson) and that's what I like, that was the hell of an adventure wasn't it? For the other TR titles I didn't mention, I think they're OK I know they have their fan clubs as well and I don't want to be trolling anyone (too much).

Best to all of you
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