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I mean, the uzi's are still more powerful than the pistols, (same damage per shot but high fire rate)

There just isn't much ammo until it doesn't matter anymore. Most of the enemies are a joke compared to previous games, and the ones that are threatening are almost all immortal. You're still fighting dogs and basic ninja baddies in the penultimate levels, same as they were at the start of the game. And by that point you probably have tonnes of grenades to blow them up with.

In TR1, the mutants that appear in the final levels are fast, tough, and do a lot of damage, the uzi's made a huge difference when fighting them. TR2 was the same with the jade warriors, but it also gave most enemies guns, so killing quickly with the uzi's was even more useful since backflipping with pistols doesn't work. (The M-16 was actually stronger, but didn't get much ammo and every time you change movement you stop fireing)

TR3 gave the uzi's no ammo, and drowned you in MP5 ammo. And the desert eagle was ludicrously powerful; pretty sure the ammo you get from it goes farther than the uzi ammo you get in that game.
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