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I saw it yesterday on the Irish Mirror website that a 5 year old boy who has autism has been put on record as a sex offender because he hugged a classmate.

The boy named Nathan from Tennessee USA was allegedly accused by teachers of overstepping a boundary.

His mother said she received a call from his teacher at the start of September, she said the teacher told her he had been accused of sexual activities for hugging a child and kissing another child on the cheek.

The school doesn't seem to care that he is autistic according to the boys grandmother who questioned why the school wouldn't listen to the family or their doctor about the challenges the youngster was facing.

If the teacher or teachers think that hugging and kissing are sexual activities then I suggest that they do a Google search and they will see that there is far more to sexual activities than hugging and kissing.

Besides people hug and kiss each other all the time it's perfectly normal last time I went out with my cousin for a drink I hugged her nothing sexual there and at a christening for my cousin's (the same cousin) second son, I saw her first son hugging another boy and I didn't see any SWAT teams bursting in to arrest him for alleged sexual activities.

I wonder if these teachers are qualified to identify signs of sexual activities, because if they have not been properly trained to spot the signs of sexual abuse I can't help but wonder how many signs they have missed of genuine abuse because they see hugging and kissing among children as signs of sexual activities.

It's stories like this that make me think that common sense doesn't exist anymore and stop the planet I want to get off.
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