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Okay, on your old PC, create a new folder. Copy the contents of your Lost Artifact installation folder, and these folders from the CD - DATA, FMV, AUDIO and PIX, and paste into the new folder. Transfer this folder to your current PC. My advice though, is to place the folder in a custom location, such as the Documents folder, in order to bypass another folder being used (VirtualStore) to store the config file and savegames.

Now this next step may be redundant, but I'll include it anyway. Download the TR series multipatch utility, and run this program targeting the lost artifact game location you just made. Make sure that the data folder also contains the file "trla.dat".

Now you'll need a No-CD executable to eliminate the need for a CD. It can be downloaded here (it's virus free, but still may give a warning). Alternatively you could try Arsunt's patch which allows for widescreen visuals and FMV fixes.

See if the game now launches correctly. If not, we'll look into troubleshooting. You may have to run the game setup. Create a shortcut of the No-CD executable file, then open the properties of this newly created shortcut. At the end of the target/address field, add a space, then type -setup after the quote, so that it reads something like: "C:\Games\TR#\Tomb#.exe" -setup
Now run the shortcut & the setup menu should appear.

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