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Thanks! I've been slowly been picking at this for a while now. The plugin will have 5 targets:
  • Enabling correct sliding directions on diagonal and triangular slopes (what you see in the video)
  • Enabling interpolation so that Lara smoothly turns and reacts naturally to changing slopes (what you see in the video)
  • Enabling a speed modifier which allows to slightly effect the speed of Lara's sliding, depending on how steep the slope is (it's very subtle and hard to notice, however it is also enabled in this video)
  • Fixing the "illegal slopes" so Lara won't get stuck in a loop anymore (what has been shown in the previous video, at the end)
And something which I haven't shown yet, namely a vastly improved slope turning feature, so that you can turn with the left and right keys to control Lara's direction when sliding down (to avoid obstacles, etc.). It's already in progress, but atm it interferes with the interpolation feature, so I'm working on a solution. It will be quite customizable, so you can set how much and how fast Lara can turn, among other things.
What's important is that none of the aformentioned features will be forced upon you, you can decide through Customize commands which one of these you want to use and which not. Ideally, each of the features will be able to work indepented to one another, but also in conjunction.

I thought about making the slidable threshold (aka the minimum slope steepness that Lara can slide on) customizable as well, but it depends on how much patching would be required to do this. If it ends up requiring a lot of patches, I'll probably drop it. It won't be worth it, as you can already use TRNG bridges to modify floor collision properties if you really need to.
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Would be great if we could adjust the interpolation speed
Already a thing, you can either set a constant value as the speed or you can enter the number of frames in which the turning will be complete, in which case the speed gets calculated on the fly. So you get to choose between a constant speed or constant duration.

In case you're wondering about the AOD overhang climbing plugin, it isn't abandoned, but I did run into some issues with the handling of collision. For this reason I put in on the side for a moment and gave this newer plugin more attention. There haven't been many updates worth mentioning since my latest update, but I have also been trying to get it to work with bridges to substitute using room geometry, with moderate success so far. Though nothing worth showing yet, I'm afraid

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