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I'm sorry for the hype, since i now work on TR5Main, i cant work on 2 project in the same time, my Plugin_TokyoSU is now "dead", you can use the source there:
you can freely rename the plugin with your name and work on it, i will work on the object (init/coll/control) and the OBJECTS.h enum and testing in TR5Main.
i hope you will forgive me to not finish it entirly. my priority now is to help monty to rework the entity system to include all entity from TR1 to TR5.

i'm really sorry to leave this plugins, i will thank LGG_PRODUCTION and AkyV that have tested this plugin at 200% (and personnaly LGG_PRODUCTION that tested it from the start) and the many hour these friend have passed on it. i'm really sad to leave like that.

i hope you will forgive me and i will work on TR5Main starting today.
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