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Hello! Thank you for your suggestion.
I still count on ChocolateFan to join, she said she would when she was just not doing tr5main test. And I also asked not again! to help for a surely debugged version.

Even when I launched this test (early December) my plan was to release it till late January-early February. I still keep it, so I still have one month to see how it goes, then - as you said, because it was also my second thought - it will be released as it is. Even in that case I won't call it a beta, because I am here, say, in real-time to fix and update even in a few hours, days, I will simply raise the version number if it is needed. Plus, I made myself days of thoughtful tests for myself, I am 99 % sure that there can be only minor bugs (which you also already found) which won't really prevent you from using this. (Anyway, it is also true for my older plugins: if anybody found something, months or even years after the successful tests, I am here to fix and update them in a hurry.)

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