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great, then its 59 per mesh piece. otherwise theres no limit, just as long as the persons hardware holds up to XXX amount of bones right?

next, are there mesh limits?

also important how are textures detected?

the paths are like: data/somewhere/mytexture_diffuse.png

1. can I ignore paths, and only state texture name.
2. can I assume that name descriptors are always present.
example: eye_diffuse.png, eye_lightmap.png
the only way I can determine a texture from each other is by reading the name "diffuse" of "lightmap"
without that, there is no other indicators in the mesh or ascii format.

I need more info on the generic format, i know that alot of the meshes are hardcoded.. so you cannot alter the meshes order or the bone order. however its possible the generic mesh type bypasses these limitations. and if it does not follow descriptors then I have to rethink the texture type detection
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