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Originally Posted by TRExpertgamer View Post
I definitely do see the idea that the story with certain characters from TR1 - TR6 is a plothole because how could Core Design would just have the idea to put Larson & Pierre right back into TR5? I can't even believe that Pierre just got right back into AOD as well. So those type of series from Core Design is definitely a plothole from their perspective. That's why I never recommend for TR5 to go for a remake at all. Nor will AOD either because it wasn't finished properly obviously.

TRI-V Pierre isnít AoD Pierre. One is a goon hired by Natla to eliminate Lara, and the other is simply a cafe owner in Paris.

Are you doing this on purpose?

@Seth & @Samz I honestly loved the VCI backpack. I donít think it was an error, tbh. onder
Talk about being your own worst enemy.
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