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Chronicles is my 5th favourite TR game out of the Tomb Raiders that I've played; I rate Chronicles above AOD, Legend, Anniversary and Underworld but I rate Chronicles below TR1, TR2, TR3 and Last Revelation.

I certainly don't worship Chronicles but I don't dislike it either. I used to have a much lower opinion of the game but then I started to like it more as I came to realise that my reasons for disliking the game weren't as valid as I initially thought.

My reasons for disliking it were as follows:
1) I considered the gameplay to be poor and didn't enjoy the game much. The reason why I felt that way was because I thought lowly of the game when comparing it to the first 4 Tomb Raider games. However, by thinking about Chronicles as a game of its own, I realised that I liked the game more than I thought.
2) I didn't consider the secrets to be rewarding. The secrets are just flowers which don't help you during the game; you don't gain healthpacks, weapons, ammo or anything like that which you did in the previous TR games. I do still feel this way, although the secrets in Legend don't appear to help you during the game and there might be other TR games where this is the case.
3) Collecting items didn't seem worthwhile since you would always lose everything at the end of each section. This is kind of annoying, but I suppose it does make sense since all the sections were years apart.
4) The double death of Pierre and Larson was a bit confusing. The Rome section within Chronicles is set one year before TR1. In which case, it has to be assumed that Larson survived being attacked by the dragons and Pierre survived the fall into the ditch. Then Lara crossed paths with them again in TR1 where she then killed them.
5) The VCI section can be very buggy, especially after saving at certain times and places. This affects my opinion of the game, although it isn't exclusive to Chronicles; I've encountered similar problems in certain parts of Last Revelation and AOD can be very buggy as well.
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