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Question Facebook videos

I've been uploading Tomb Raider videos via facebook for some time now. Theres no problems but - theres something I cant find an answer to and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the age of the games.

I always record with one Bandicam preset.
1920x1080, HVEC MP4 at 100quality. Playback is always really good after upload. Every game after AOD that is!

Any game or custom level before AOD however, my resulting video upload ALWAYS maxes at 360p! Unlike exact same recordings of slightly newer TRs.

I upload a video of eg. AOD or legend. Full 1080 playback option is available.

A video of a TR2 custom level. 360p is the highest.

The preset hasn't changed - these are absolutely recording to 1920x1080. I've also tried recording with a forced dgvoodoo resolution- and the same result.

Is it possible Facebooks algorithm can tell that my video uses a much smaller colour palette on a really high res (compared to say AOD) and therefore only uploads at 360p?
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