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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I took this from a thread made two years ago asking the same thing:
There are 18 post TR2013 comics before Rise, starting with Season of the Witch. Survivor's Crusade is post Rise, so you will probably want to hold off reading that. None of comics really spoil the games stories exactly, but I find it better to read in order.
Why did I had the feeling this would be one of my posts?


Anyways, be careful with those 1-9 comics, as they can actually be post-RotTR! The comics after RotTR resetted the numeration! If the writers are Gail Simone and/or Rhianna Pratchett, then you are good to go: those are the post-TR2013 comics. If not, to follow the chronological order to need to read those first.
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