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Originally Posted by ELIMTBF View Post
Cool, I will give it a fair shot. To be honest, I'm not keen on the art so far, Lara's face doesn't seem so consistent panel-to-panel. I preferred the art on the older 90s one, but that was my era so I may be a bit biased.

I do prefer that she's not sexualised now. I mean I get that she's meant to be a sexy character and all, but some of the old ones were a bit much at times.
That's not surprising, especially for the issues written by Dan Jurgens, where most of the art was done by Andy Park. He always was top tier talent, so much that he is now a concept artist at Marvel Studios.

The new comics I feel like only reached those levels of art on Inferno, pencilled by Phillip Sevy. The art is phenomenal during that arc. He also illustrated the first 12 issues of the post RotTR run, and those also looked good, but the improvement on his art from it to Inferno is really clear.

And then there's Survivor's Crusade, where the art is just the worst.
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