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Originally Posted by ATombRaiderFan View Post
Hi again!

I've been looking into the Yakuza issue because there are still texture conflicts like brown hair and the occasional goatee appearing on the clean shaven black-haired Yakuza goons. I found something interesting:

It turns out that Texture A is causing the problem. It overlays goons using B, C and D - basically giving Takamoto a clone army. I experimented with making Texture A transparent (and restored Texture B) and now there are three distinct Yakuza goons. There is no unique goon using Texture A on its own so you won't be fighting any headless goon.

I checked on PS2 version of Legend as well which is old gen and it's the same, three types of Yakuza goons. There is a catch however that when you kill the goons, their heads disappear slightly faster than their bodies

Here's the edited male_yakuza_a.drm file on google drive via the link below. MachoBroccoli, if you're happy with this version then you can add it to archive

Edit: If anyone is having issue with downloading the file, press the 'Download all' button at the top right of screen.

This is a fantastic find! I'll download and have a play with this myself

EDIT: I've had a play and yep, I'll be adding that to the archive! Good job dude!

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