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Hello everyone

A user on discord enquired whether there was a fix to correct the grey gap on Lara's belly during the Kazakhstan level. This issue also affect all winter no-coat outfits.

I've managed to fix it by moving part of the texture image one pixel as a time until the gap was closed.

Main menu:


Story mode:

  • Orange/pink winter outfit is fixed in all instances.
  • Blue outfit is fixed in Kazakhstan main menu, story mode and cutscenes only. The model is missing its belly button in the manor or when replaying levels. It's just skin and no gap - blame bad UV mapping.

  • All winter outfits are fixed in all instances.
  • The belly gap does appear in manor costume selection if you are actively using the no-coat (blue) model.
  • All 14 DRM files included in the download are necessary, including the jacket ones otherwise you'll run into issues.

Download here:

^Include edited texture file for anyone who prefers to build a TPF file for TexMod

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