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Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
And now the grey line on certain outfits. Do we use these new .drm files in the same way we used the previous ones?
Yes, same as always

Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
Also what is the difference between using the .drm files versus the TextMod solution? I never used TextMod so I'm not sure what it is.
TexMod is a way to inject textures into the game without changing the game files. Some people just don't feel comfortable with changing the game files which is understandable. TexMod also has a logging mode which allows you to cycle through texture files with the option of extracting them which is handy for modding purpose.

The only drawback from using TexMod is the missing belly button issue as mentioned in my last post. I've edited 14 identical texture files in 14 DRMs, with 13 of these remaining identical - but the 14th texture had to be edited slightly differently to fix the missing belly button. TexMod treats these 14 textures as a single texture file.

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