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I consider 4 to be the best in general, but its flawed because of its over the top length, repetitiveness (a side effect of the former) and too contrived levels. Sometimes it feels like work, but when it shines, its the greatest of the bunch. I also like "The Times" mini game/demo a lot.

So that leaves 5 as possibly my favorite, since it's the more polished of the classics and offers shorter, more varied levels. If you consider Chronicles as an expansion of Last Revelation (which it is, just like the Last Artifact is an expansion of TR3), then it becomes easier to give it a better review.

As you all know, if you let the game play in demo mode, there's one scene with Von Croy and its cronies, reinforcing the "expansion" nature of the game.

From Chronicles, I love the 3D floppy disks that function as save icons, the colorful GUI and varied, shorter levels that offer some of the most balanced challenge/enjoyment ratio of the series. Oh, and the sound is truly amazing

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