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It's not a perfect season but I really enjoyed it and felt enoughly different in a good way than the previous two.
I like the new settings (Starcount) and new characters (Robin !). I also like Spoilers the way the band and couples are falling apparts (but of course at the end they will be happily reunited.) This offered a new dynamic into the characters.
However some things are a bit over the top, maybe it was already the case in the previous seasons and didn't really notice, but maybe it seems to be accentuated this time.
Spoilers Steve enduring tortures better than James Bond, chidren chilling and speaking out loud while infiltrating a dangerous Russian base. Also this cumulation of "Look I/we arrive at the very best moment in the very last minute to save you from this very critic and deadly situation"
Maybe it's nitpicking and should watch the next season without taking attention of those kind of things. After all it was never supposed to be realistic and serious, the series is an hommage of the typical 80's family-friendly films (but with gores elements in it haha). Still those little things were a bit off-putting for me.
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