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Originally Posted by TombRaiderTim View Post
TR1 Lara made zero effort in order to conceal herself from being caught and I know if I done that, my snoring would give me away instantly.
I think its a case of she didn't care, she knew they were headed somewhere important and probably would be active rather than sleeping and such.
That's the impression I'm under.

That and honestly, I'm under the impression Lara and Larson don't technically hate each other in some capacity. She probably thought Larson at best wouldn't be invested in killing her on the spot. She pretty casually takes him as a joke in TRC, so it wouldn't be all that surprising if she wasn't much afraid of him in TR1 (Or his partners) she probably applies his behavior in some way to the people he was working with.

But I don't know, I think she genuinely believed no one would go to check so she took advantage of it and if they did she certainly didn't expect them to do try and kill her most likely.
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