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Originally Posted by Boobandie View Post
While we're on that scene, anyone else think it strange that mister "Say Cheese!" totally saw Lara dive off the boat but said nothing.

...then somehow got ahead of her to try take her down at the pyramid, despite the only dingy having already left.
I assume they had suspicion Lara may have tried following them which is why Kold stayed behind until he caught a glimpse of Lara jumping overboard though I suppose there was an alternate way inside the mines but for some reason Natla and company chose the longest route to get the the pyramid itself and it would not surprise me if they used some TNT to destroy parts of the mines as they went through, to put more obstacles in Lara's way and it is why we see the place in such an unstable mess.

I also had a theory that Natla herself may have still been on the boat with Kold and only sent the Cowboy and Kid into the obvious entrance to stall Lara while her and Kold went through the alternate way that could have been right next to the pyramid they unearthed, which would explain how Kold was already there and how Natla already made it to the top of the pyramid by the time Lara got inside.
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