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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
Well apart from her home which she inherited from her aunt, classic Lara relied heavily in the literature from her adventures to find her life. Although looking at the stash she had in TR2 I’m sure she had other means too. Rather than make Lara poor I’d like to see her lifestyle fund her again. I thought this was going to be the direction they would take her with all the Atlas stuff from Rise.
This. I don’t mind Lara having some sort of inheritance, but her “riches” coming from her literary works or just something from her lifestyle is a more interesting approach, especially in this “herdy gerdy independence tho” society.

On the topic of classic Lara being kind of “evil”, I’d say she only truly ever bordered on that in the first three games, particularly TR3 where she had a very questionable morality. But even then, I wouldn’t say she was some terrible person as a whole. She was just more of an antihero.

If we ever saw her again, and more fleshed out at that, I think she would be like Top Cow Lara or something similar where she has a past or history that left quite a few scars. And I can imagine her struggling with that even if it isn’t at the front of her mind 24/7. They could play with that in a game to make her not seem totally like a mindlessly evil girl.
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