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Originally Posted by LGG_PRODUCTION View Post
Hey there,
Just of curiosity, where is the meaning of the level "Fool's Gold" from TR2 DLC?
I know that "Fool's Gold is a mineral, but I don't know the reason of the name of the level
During the events of The Cold War (At least on Tomb Raider), the people of the past there were excavating in hopes of discovering a treasure trove of gold which is why so much machinery was about but the reason the level was known as "Fool's Gold" is either because they dug up the actual mineral, thinking it was gold and stopped thereafter which is why it was abandoned or they gave up the dig, not realising how close they were to the actual gold they were searching for, which left an opportunity for present day Lara Croft and her enemies.

The only other alternative is that it was named this because the actual gold found in Furnace of the Gods could be merely a distraction for the true treasure (Mask of Tornarsuk) which would mislead greedy minds, thus making them fools in a way.
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