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Originally Posted by Tonyrobinson View Post
You know last night I was watching the film Moana and thought how great it would be for Mark Macina to compose the music for a Tomb Raider film.

Having music that matches the vibe of the film would be amazing. I would love a more experimental score with different regional instruments and choral voices to really sell the wonder of the places Lara explores.

There were moments in the first film where the score really stood out particularly in the winter scenes with the whistle singing.
Part of the reason why I love SotTR's OST so much is exactly because of the use of regional instruments, especially when the main melody is played on them. It just gives a very unique vibe that really fits the setting.

But I don't really have any preference for the composer. I just want to actually hear the OST during the movie. The 2018 actually has a really good soundtrack that would really sell the story well, but unfortunately you don't hear it that well during the movie.

Originally Posted by PinkyPromise View Post
I would love to see those storyboards !!

I hope in a few years they leak the movie that we almost had
I'm sure that Ellioft will be able to get something in a few years.
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