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Default Forum guidelines re: XNA

The Moderating Team have been discussing where we as a forum stand with regard to copyright/ownership of XNA creations.

We have come to the conclusion that XNA and all resulting creations are considered OPEN CONTENT by the forum. You may not claim any copyright to anything shared here for download. If you post it, you are sharing it with the community at large for their entertainment and non-commercial use.

The management of this forum cannot and will not arbitrate any dispute regarding this.

In the interest of community, it is customary to ask permission before using any one else's work in any way, shape or fashion. However, under the OPEN CONTENT guidelines, it is not required. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself shunned when you don't ask.

Keeping the Open Content guideline in mind, you are strongly encouraged to post your work with caution.

Please note: The legal owners are the developers/company that produced the game. If the companies that created the Tomb Raider games wish to complain then we will act accordingly.

We hope that this makes the issue clearer as regards moderation.

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