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Originally Posted by not again! View Post
Hello! This thread has been quiet for a while, but I figure it can't hurt to ask nevertheless
I have run into troubles trying to import enemy NPCs into WadTool that were imported into Blender using WadBlender.
For context: WadTool offers for NPCs two different options to import meshes: Import Mesh, which allows to replace single meshes and Replace Model, which allows to replace the model in its entirety, all meshes at once.

I was hoping it would be possible to replace the usual workflow (which is exporting enemy models from WadViewer as .3ds, importing into Blender 2.73a, save as .blend, open the file with the latest version of Blender and from there export as .obj) by importing the NPC models directly into Blender using this wonderful addon, but when exporting the model as .obj the resulting file can't be imported correctly into WadTool. It looks like some of the meshes get erroneously split into several parts (for instance the foot mesh of the mummy model got split up into two separate meshes) and WadTool shows the error message that the mesh count in the imported model is higher than that of the model it's supposed to replace (while in Blender the mesh count was the same).
I was just going through the import / export process to test the workflow and did not actually modify the model (except for removing the armature).

Here's a really very short youtube video showcasing the old WadViewer workflow:

I've tried to adapt the above workflow for WadBlender in the following manner:

- import model into Blender using the Chose Object option (without animations)
- apply all transforms and the armature modifier
- delete armature
- snap all meshes to the center of the grid (as shown in the video)
- export as obj

I guess it's not a desperate issue, since there is a (mostly) working method for Blender users to modify enemy models, but it certainly would be a lot more convenient if we could utilize WadBlender instead.
I'll look into it!

EDIT: by the way, I did some bug fixing and auto-mapping of Lara skin joints so that custom outfits should be imported correctly. It needs some test though. There's a threshold so that if two vertices from let's say the knee and the thigh are close enough they will be connected. I'm not sure whether this threshold (5 mm) is ok for all outfits.

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