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Not tested much.

StrPix revision 18 's' readme July 2018

Must copy exe to existing StrPix folder. Not all required files included in zip.
If you don't already have assimp32.dll, copy it also to existing StrPix folder.

Added- Ability to export all meshes of a moveable object to single Metasequoia .mqo file. See "File>Export moveable to MQO" menu item.

Meshes will be positioned according to the meshtree.

The first mesh in the wad (mesh 0) will not be exported but sometimes you will want it exported (e.g.if wad only contains an outfit).
In that case click "Options>Export Moveable's Mesh #0" menu item before exporting.

Will not export Lara object since no meshes.

Will only export moveables which have more than one mesh.

No hierarchy info (folding) in exported object. Do it yourself in Metasequoia if you want it.

You cannot import the moveable. Must import each mesh one at a time.
Each mesh you wish to import must have it's Local position property in Metasequoia reset to (0,0,0).
Make all the other meshes you don't want to import invisible in Metasequoia. Texturing should be preserved.
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