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Originally Posted by jay2 View Post
Thats part of the problem Wooxman, underworld is not showing in any program list , uninstall list etc.

Think im gonna give up
Have you tried a 3rd party uninstaller, though?

Originally Posted by BatGirl View Post
These 'newer computers' that have no optical drive just to save power, space, weight, cost, etc. do seem to have their drawbacks!
That's why I keep a disc drive in mine. Also makes it a convenient Blu-Ray player.

Originally Posted by jay2 View Post
Which OS are you using?

Also, how is the game going to verify you have the TR disc before launching? Is the ISO on a thumb drive or something? How'd ya get it installed the first time, and afterwards how did it run without the game disc in some drive?

Sounds like there may even be some protection scheme going on...

Perhaps find some USB optical drive (buy/borrow) and install using it, but probably have issue running without disc in drive thingy if you just borrow temporarily.
It will probably install but not run because of TRU's copy protection. Also it's possible that the disc version won't run on Windows 10 anyway, as Microsoft has disabled certain copy protection systems that can harm the computer.

The easiest solution would probably be to just buy the Steam version. Steam doesn't care if a game has been installed before, it just copies all the files into the correct locations.
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