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Default Texture Replacement Project

Hello all

I have recently been putting time into essentially updating the texture set used in the Tomb Raider III manor. I am doing this by replacing each texture with my own that I create, or use from other texture sets.

I have found that I would like to do this for multiple levels/games and I was wondering if there is anyone that would like to join my spectacular project?

When I have created the texture sets, I shall most likely release them on, and I will provide a link in this thread along with previews so you can see what they look like.

Current members of the project and their work:

New Manor Bricks and Windows

TRAE Based Egypt Textures

TRAE Based Egypt Textures v2

Here is the image I previously posted in the Screenshot showcase v6 thread of the brick textures I have made to replace the ones seen in the Tomb Raider III manor:

P.S. Please do not take the graphical glitches, texturing, or lighting into account because this just shows the Tomb Raider III manor ripped using TR2PRJ. I have merely replaced some of the textures.



More from my texture replacement project. I have replaced so far:
  • The gravel pathways
  • The bricked exterior of the manor
  • The hedges
  • The windows. I have also replaced the big window with a coloured glass one.


I hope you all like the windows! Took me 3 hrs to do all the windows and resize etc.

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