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I just realized that I had completely forgotten about the Mac OS X port. Sorry about that. Anyway, I've now updated it to the latest version on Sourceforge:

As always, the source code is in my fork of the Sourceforge repository. There's some ugliness in the commit messages, but the code should all be valid:

For those feeling adventurous, but not up to using Xcode, here's a binary:

To use this:
  1. Download and extract the latest binary for Windows (from TeslaRus's Sourceforge page).
  2. All level files from any PC or Mac (OS X and OS 8/9) version of TR1-C will work, as should all TRLE files that do not use TREP or similar. If you have the Mac App Store version of Tomb Raider 2, you'll find them in the package contents in "Contents/Tomb Raider 2 Data/Data".
  3. Put the level files in the correct folder. You can edit the config files (instructions for this should be somewhere in the engine folder), just as you would on Windows.
  4. If you haven't yet, download and unpack the Mac version. This will give you the file
  5. Put this file in the engine folder (the same folder where engine.exe is).
  6. Start it. If you've edited the config files, you should be able to play right away, otherwise you'll have to use the map command, as Lwmte explained. Everything Lwmte said in the first two posts applies to the Mac version, too. One addition: To quit, you can use Command+Q.

This isn't yet the most elegant workflow. If you have any better suggestions how the app should work, I'd be glad to implement them. Especially if it makes the Mac version better than the Windows one.
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