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Below is a list of tutorials that can be used when you use the original TRLE for making your game.
They can also be used when using NGLE/TRNG.

Playing games
When downloading a custom game from all you have to do is unzip the downloaded file, find the tomb4.exe within and double-click that.
However, sometimes the readme instructs you set this or that setting in the Setup of the game or you want to make some adjustments, like screen resolution and/or texture depth yourself.
The little tutorial below is about how to create a shortcut to the game setup.
Creating a link to the Setup

Making games
Download the TRLE Official manual by Gary LaRochelle in pdf format here (3.81Mb):

Creating A Level- Covering Many Aspects

Installing the Level Editor

Installing Custom Levels
- This tutorial is about installing custom levels when those levels are not playable directly from the downloaded and unzipped folder, like all levels at are these days.

How to make a "working" levelset
- This tutorial shows the steps you can take from basic initial ideas to actual environments, objects and atmosphere.

Making a playable folder
- Putting together a playable folder is simple and recommended. It means anyone can download your game and simply unzip it, click and play. This is how you do it.

Building Atmosphere

Building Gameplay

Visualizing Fantasies

Beta testing
Beta Testing
- Is your level done? Don't take that for granted. Having it beta tested by others is perhaps the most important phase of any video game's development.

Level Editor Tutorial - for the beginner
- This tutorial teaches you, step by step, the basics of shaping, texturing and lighting a room and making the level playable.

Tomb Raider Level Editor Tutorial for Beginners (The Basics)
- This tutorial teaches you, step by step, the basics of shaping, texturing and lighting a room and placing objects.

Tutorials about shaping your level, shaping the rooms.
Architecture - Building Caves

Diagonal ledges
- This tutorial shows you how to build diagonal flat ledges.

No Collision
- "No Collision" is used on triangles to make them non-solid. It is used for diagonal ledges. A simple yet difficult to grasp concept, "no collision" continues to baffle new level builders. Hopefully this tutorial will unravel its mysteries.

Overlaps and boxes
If you don't understand what overlaps and boxes are or if you have crucial problems with enemies' AI.

A couple of tutorials on how to light your level to create a certain atmosphere.
Advanced lighting to create an atmospheric level

Lighting Basics

Death Water

Distant Fog

Flipmaps - The basics
Flipmap - Advanced
- With flipmaps you can change the appearance of a room, like turn it into a water room for example. These tutorials show you how to use them.


Load Screen Coordinates

Mirror Rooms

Uvavoo's Data Sheets

Sinks: currents in water
- Sinks are used to create a current in the water, to either pull Lara along or prevent her from going somewhere.

Some scripting and segmenting walls for proper texturing

Title Flyby Cameras
- The Title level is the one that you see behind the New game and load menus before you enter your game. You can create your own custom Title Flyby in the same way you build a normal level, except that this title level is a continuously looped flyby, so it is not playable as such..

Train levels
- This tutorial teaches you how to set up a "train" level.

Water and Currents
- Everything you want to know about creating water (both basics and more advanced techniques) and currents.
- This tutorial was posted in the TRForge Adventskalender of 2012. The link takes you to the page on the TRForge Adventskalender

Tutorials on texturing your levels.
Texturing - Basics
Texturing - Advanced

"Alien" level tutorial
- A small tutorial on how to use pictures of ordinary things for more alien looking levels.

Animating Textures
- Some info on animation range and UV-rotating on roomgeometry and objects.

Textures - Crack Mode
Texturing tips and tricks - video tutorial

Water - How to make watery greatness
- A tutorial on how to make water more realistic by layering textures.

We all know the TR4 engine, which is used for the TRLE, is limited. Limited in all sorts of ways but also limited in how much it can render at some given time.
Lots of players experience lagging in custom games, especially in large areas and/or areas stuffed with detailed objects. And even with high-end computers...
Here are a few things you can keep in mind while building your level, things that can reduce lagging, when using large open areas and more detailed textures and objects:
Understanding importance of using small rooms versus big rooms
Optimizing - things we can do to reduce lagging
Optimizing - Limits and Optimization
*Deleting a "-" from texture ID unflips it faster.

Bottom Right Corner Pitch-Black Blink: Where Is The Line
- Experiencing a ptich-black blinking of the environment in certain parts of your level? Chances are those rooms have been built in the bottom right corner of the 2D view window in the editor.
This tutorial shows you the zone where the blinking starts so it will be easier to stay away from it, without error and trial.

[Fixing] Prj crash due missing PCX/TGA

"I did something wrong with my PC and now TRLE tools won't work!" - answered here

Main Causes of Editor Crashes

Miscellaneous Problems

OCB Codes
OCB code list
- This list contains the OCB codes for the regular TRLE objects.
- The extra TRNG OCB codes can be found in NG-Center Reference.

TR4 OCB Locations

Object OCB Library

Baddies - Various OCB's

Enemie setups
Enemies Animation List

How to make Pierre killable (TR1)

Baddies - Various OCB's

Horseman and horses

How to make the DEMIGOD1 shake Lara off walls
- Remember how the Hammer God makes Lara fall off walls? Here's how you do it!

Multiple Baddies setup
- This tutorial is about activating new enemies after others have died.

Mutant Egg setup
- This tutorial is about the mutant egg setup from the TR1 Atlantean levels.

Triggering an Event when an Enemy Dies

- This tutorial is about the different types of wraiths and how to set them up.

Friendly characters
Advanced AI
Peaceful Characters - Part 1
Peaceful Characters - Part 2
- Two tutorials that were posted in the TRForge Adventskalender of 2010. The links take you to the pages on the TRForge Adventskalender

The Guide
- This tutorial shows you how to use the guide from the TR4 "The Tomb of Seth" level.

Jean Yves

Monkey switch setup
- The monkey pulling the ceiling-switch.

Scorpion - Making the Scorpion an ally

Von Croy in the Guide slot

Interactive objects: switches, poles, tightropes and ziplines
The Cog Switch

Multi Switch to Open Doors
- Tutorial on how to open doors with multiple switches.

Multi Switches to open Multiple Doors
- This is how to have a number of switches open different doors, depending on which switches you operate, similar to the set up in the Palace Midas level of the original Tomb Raider game.

Triggering Door with 5 Pickups
- Tutorial on how to open doors with multiple pickups.

Pole Swinging, Tightrope and Zipline tutorial
- This tutorial tells you how to setup a swingpole, a tightrope and a zipline within the original TRLE.

- You don't always have to create ledges for Lara to walk on. Bridge objects can also be made solid so Lara can walk on them. The advantage is that you don't have to stack rooms to get a walkeable ledge.

Raising Blocks
- Raising blocks are one of the most useful and versatile objects in your WAD. They can be used to fill gaps, as doors, raise torches or pushblocks to a higher level, or be lowered to reveal some pickup.

Two Block Platform - Advanced

Waterfalls - How to add more different waterfall objects to your wad
- A wad only has three WATERFALL slots. Need more different waterfalls in your level? This tutorial describes how you can do that.

Waterfall Colour Change Problem
- Getting random objecttextures on your waterfall objects? Here's how to fix that.

Burning Floor
- A tutorial on how to set up the BURNING_FLOOR object from the TR4 "Lost Library" level.

Element Puzzle
- A tutorial on how to set up the ELEMENT_PUZZLE from the TR4 "Mastabas" level.

Lightbeams and Mirrors
- An example of a puzzle using the lightbeams and mirrors from the TR4 "Tomb of Semerket" level.

Obelisk Puzzle
- The puzzle where you have to use the turnswitch to point the obelisks in the right direction.

Pushblocks to open doors

Pyramid Puzzle
- This tutorial is about the pyramid puzzle from the TR4 "Cleopatra's Palace" level.

The Scales Puzzle
- This tutorial and its example project show fully working scales puzzles.

The Sundisk Puzzle
- This tutorial shows you how to set up the Sundisk puzzle from the TR4 "Sacred Lake" level.


Flame Emitter OCB's

Lightning Conductor

Mine detonation setup
- Tutorial on how to setup the mine(field) detonation like it was used in TR4 Street Bazar.


Timed Flame Emitters

Alternative methods instead of Trigger Triggerer

Flyby Cameras - The Basics
Flyby Camera - Advanced
- Flyby camera's can be used for a short cutscene-like scene. The camera's "move". Here's how to use them.

Level Jumps - The Basics
Level Jumps - Advanced
- Level jumps are needed to get from one level to the next. These tutorials show you how to do that.

Pickups - the Basics
- The basic setup for the different types of pickups and how to trigger things when picking up an item.

Pickups - Advanced
- This tutorial was posted in the TRForge Adventskalender of 2011. The link takes you to the page on the TRForge Adventskalender

Triggers - Advanced
Trigger Tutorial Part1
Trigger Tutorial Part2
- Two tutorials that were posted in the TRForge Adventskalender of 2009. The links take you to the pages on the TRForge Adventskalender

All TR4 Scripts
All TRC Scripts

Customizing texts and item coordinates in the inventory

[Info] Tomb Raider Chronicle Sound Table

TR5 audio idetification.

Load Camera Coordinates explained

Some scripting and segmenting walls for proper texturing

Sound Loops
- Placing sound loops into your level can greatly enhance the ambience of your games in a unique and special way. For example, the water loop, waterfall loop and fountain loop placed above and around running water will bring your waterfalls, fountains and rivers to life. In this example we will place a water loop to give the sound of running water..

Sound - Audio and SFX
- Basic info on sfx and audio format.

Sound - No sound? Sounds missing? Wrong pitch?

Sound - Lara A Ha sound
- By default Lara remains silent when she takes a pickup object.
This simple tutorial will guide you through the process of making her say 'A Ha', when she takes a pickup from the ground and also from a low pedestal.
You will need WADMerger and the Lara_aha .wav file.

Sound - Ice and Snow Sounds

Setting up sounds for TRLE (Video)

Animations - Changing Lara's jump physics
- This tutorial shows you how to change Lara's jumping height and distance.
The first part can also be used with teh original TRLE/NGLE, but the second part is TRNG only.

Animations - How to create natural animations for human characters
Natural Animations - Part 1
Natural animations - Part 2
- Two tutorials that were posted in the TRForge Adventskalender of 2012. The links take you to the pages on the TRForge Adventskalender

Animations - Replacing a Lara Animation

Lara's Moveset Limitations Continued

Animations - creating custom animations
- two short tutorials on how to create custom animations with WADMerger aAnimation Editor and 3DS Max

Set Positions - Everything you need to know
- Set Positions are used in Animations as Anim Commands.
A couple of tips regarding set positions and getting the proper offsets when you are designing new moves which require Lara to move to a different position.

Cutscenes - Creating cutscenes
- A basic list of ways you can use for making cutscenes.

Creating a Water Light Reflection
- create a shiny watersurface using an object

Flipmap tutorial

Fog bulbs and bump mapping

Fun with Shininess and Reflection!
- This tutorial is all about applying shine to your objects and the effects you can create with it.

Global Coordinates: Understanding and Calculating them

How to set up a Global Lens Flare

Invisible Ledges
- Remember the ledges in TR3 that you can only see when Lara lights a flare, or if a flame reveals them? Well, you can have 'em!

Lara's collision box: how to calculate it fastly
- This tutorial show you how to quickly adjust Lara's collisionbox after editing Lara's appearance or when adjusting her animations. .

Lara's Limitations - helpful charts
- This tutorial lists a couple of Lara's imitations like jumping height and distance and fall damage.

Level Locations on TR4 CD

Lightning and sparks
- The setups for the different types of electric arcs, sparks and lightning effects.

Outfits for Lara

Overlapping water room trick (Snow effect)

Sliding Floors
- A flat floor that Lara performs her sliding animations on.

TR4 object locations

TRLE Sprites - The Complete List
- Sprites are images used for certain effects ingame, like fire, smoke, water, etc.
- This is the complete list of the sprite numbers and for which effect they are used.

Textures - Where to get them?
Textures - Where to get them?
- not a tutorial but a thread with links to various texturesites/downloads, including links to various remade classic TR texturesets.

Taking ingame screenshots
Manipulating the camera for screenshots
- A tutorial on manipulating the camera in such a way that you can take ingame screenshots from different angles.
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