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7 - Usefull websites

Besides the usefull programs described above you can also download loads of other usefull stuff, like objects, textures, audio, etc for your custom level.

-- Tomb Raider Chronicles --
- LevelEditor and patches
- New Wads released by Eidos
- Texturesets from other TR games
- Custom levels

-- TRLE --
- More than 1700 custom levels!

-- Lara's Level Base --
- Wads
- Textures (TR and other games)
- Objects (including enemies and traps)
- Outfits for Lara
- Custom Levels

-- TR Search Engine --
- Same as the site above

-- TREP Homepage ---
- Here you can find the latest updates on the wonderfull tomb4.exe patcher program TREP!

-- Skribblerz --
- Home to lots of goodies and lots of TRNG related tuts and other stuff!

-- Croft Manor --
- Hoem of some object(pack)s, tutorials, tools and walkthroughs. Website is in development so make sure you keep checking it from time to time.

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