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Originally Posted by ELIMTBF View Post
Yep, I've just finished the next arc which I believe is called Secrets and Lies, did you like that one? I thought that while it wasn't mind blowing, it seems to be going in the right direction.

There was actually a laugh out loud moment when the bad guy is like "I do not fear the worlds deadliest assassins, but I do fear this girl, Lara Croft. And unfortunately, she does not seem to fear anything." And then in the next panel Lara's throwing up with stage fright. That would work really well on-screen.
Yes, I like all other arcs, they are much better! Or at least they do not suck completely. I'd say the second worst, "Spore" is perhaps too bland, and then "Survivor's Crusade" has great writing allied to very rough art. All the other ones are either quite good or even great.

The next one, "Queen of Serpents" is definitely one of the best, perhaps my second favourite. My favourite is the last one, "Inferno", it has great art and great writing.
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