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Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
I find that the comics got REALLY good once Rhianna Pratchett joined in as writer.
Yes, but she was only involved in two arcs, you still have four more without her.

I think the problem with Season of the Witch was more of a "not knowing where to start the comic's plot rather than necessarily Rhianna Pratchett saving things by herself.

In retrospect, though, Secrets and Lies would have actually been a much better starting point than Season of the Witch, though. Add the pages about Lara and Sam being restless in their apartment, and keep it being about how Lara might have started to be addicted to danger and dealing with survivor's guilt by trying to help Alex's sister, and you would have a better starting point than everyone being somehow mind controlled by people worshipping Mathias and the Solari that hadn't even been in contact with the outside world for someone to know about their existence.
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