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Originally Posted by EliParker View Post
If you remember the ending of the novel, where there is a friendly EMT getting Lara’s bag? Just pretend that he is the guy from the comics, and it would make perfect sense for Lara to have the artifact and being hypnotized easily.
Still, it wouldn't really explain why there were people worshiping Mathias and the Solari, when again, they weren't getting in contact with the outside world. That, and them trying to resurrect him by sacrificing Sam in Yamatai for some reason. If they worshiped Himiko herself, it kind of could at least make a bit more sense, but then it would just be even more of a rehash of the game than what the last two issues of the arc already felt.

No, the Chernobil arc would have been a better starting point. Maybe the London part could have been expended to its own arc, just so Chernobil could fit Lara's PTSD and/or survivor's guilt a bit better.
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