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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
Yes, I like all other arcs, they are much better! Or at least they do not suck completely. I'd say the second worst, "Spore" is perhaps too bland, and then "Survivor's Crusade" has great writing allied to very rough art. All the other ones are either quite good or even great.

The next one, "Queen of Serpents" is definitely one of the best, perhaps my second favourite. My favourite is the last one, "Inferno", it has great art and great writing.
Yeah I have one issue from survivor's crusade, and the art seemed below par. I hate criticising comic artists because they are all probably better at that than I am at anything. But it's simple things like faces lot looking quite the same from page to page. I think you recommended Inferno to me in another thread, but I've reached the Rise itself now so I imagine it'll be a while until I get to the next comics stories!

I'm not keen on the art of these first 18 either. It just doesn't look like lara to me, and I'm not keen on the digital-style colouring.

Originally Posted by EliParker View Post
If you remember the ending of the novel, where there is a friendly EMT getting Lara’s bag? Just pretend that he is the guy from the comics, and it would make perfect sense for Lara to have the artifact and being hypnotized easily.
Hmm, interesting thought! The first thing that comes to mind though is, if we have to do these mental gymnastics to make it fit, then it's not great writing.

I'm not sure it solves the problem though. He'd still have to hypnotise them while they were on the island. Unless... he hypnotised them separately afterwards, gave them an artefact each and made them think they took it. But then he'd have to have gone to the island himself, got the artefacts, then done all that. Doesn't seem to fill in the gaps, but cool idea though.

This also brings up another qualm. In the comics, Lara seems to not know about Trinity. Despite having some very up close and personal dealings with them, and learning that they considered recruiting her. So they don't tie together, especially with that hitman guy wanting her to take over from him.

I don't know which was written first but I don't think they read the others' existing work, or maybe they weren't meant to be strictly in the same canon.
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