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Originally Posted by ELIMTBF View Post
Yeah I have one issue from survivor's crusade, and the art seemed below par. I hate criticising comic artists because they are all probably better at that than I am at anything. But it's simple things like faces lot looking quite the same from page to page. I think you recommended Inferno to me in another thread, but I've reached the Rise itself now so I imagine it'll be a while until I get to the next comics stories!

I'm not keen on the art of these first 18 either. It just doesn't look like lara to me, and I'm not keen on the digital-style colouring.
Thing is, you are right. The artist is actually great. Her concept work for Lara was actually quite good, and her comission pieces and graphic novels also look great. O think it was more of a her not being suited for monthly comics, and more for cover arts and graphic novels without tight schedules of release. Some artists strengths are better suited for different kinds of work.
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