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Originally Posted by killchan View Post

The legend trilogy as a whole needs more than just a couple of bonus levels and outfits.

The next gen graphics in Legend are pretty instable, Anniversary lacks them completely on some platforms , in Underworld the movement is broken and Lara prioritizes walljumps over ledge grabbing which is kind of ironic considering the latter is basically 80% of the gameplay of the entire trilogy
Yeah for real I don't know why we got what we got from Legend in the PS3 remaster. Actual jokes. And they didn't even attempt any polish up with Underworld. They knew it was buggy but proceeded to release it again.......with it being buggy? Anniversary looks splendid in some parts but still has it's "ooff" moments.

Did Lara's Shadow and Beneath the Ashes play like Underworld did? I.e clunky movements and whack camera?
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