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Thank you once again very much, Bergus!
Originally Posted by Bergus View Post
Since obj files preserve this information, can you please send me a sample obj file with shine effect so I can see how is it applied?
I have uploaded the tr1 cat statue as .obj with shine; blender file is also included just in case. It's the Ns value in the .mtl file which determines the shine of models in game, if that info is of any help.

Originally Posted by Bergus View Post
I was also trying to import mixamo animations to TRLE using tomb editor. The LARA.fbx file generated using the export FBX option seems to be correctly recognized by I'm able to import the animations back to blender but not in tomb editor It says "wrong number of bones". Do you guys know any easy way to import them? otherwise I can spend some time and make a script.
The naming of the meshes and bones is important. I had not noticed yet, but just went to check and it's hopefully just the naming which causes the issue.
Lwmte explained it here (I bolded the important bit):

Originally Posted by Lwmte View Post
Thanks! I have checked your files, and there are problems with both of them.

Ones called "unmodified_ms3d_export" don't have meshes at all (or more specifically, there's one dummy mesh), i.e. only animations are exported, not actual model. WT requires exported animation to have exported model as well to reference meshes from bone animations.

Ones called "parts_separated_and_renamed" for some reason have different names for bones and meshes. Bones are called "bone_n" while meshes are called "mesh_n". How come that you have separate bones and meshes in your animation files? Those should be basically the same. If for some reason you have actual meshes and anim bones stored separately, you may try to rename bones "bone_n" to "mesh_n_anim". Generally, any bone which is storing anim information should have a part in its name which corresponds to target mesh name. Then animation will import correctly.
So basically the meshes should be numbered from mesh_00 to mesh mesh_14, and their corresponding bones need to have the same name but with _anim appended:

00 - pelvis
01 - left thigh
02 - left shin
03 - left foot
04 - right thigh
05 - right shin
06 - right foot
07 - torso
08 - right upper arm
09 - right lower arm
10 - right hand
11 - left upper arm
12 - left lower arm
13 - left hand
14 - head

edit: on further thought I probably should have linked the entire discussion for context and not just the quote by Lwmte; it's from the WadTool thread:

edit 2: additional info (from the same discussion)

Originally Posted by Lwmte View Post
The problem is, since TR originally uses tree-based animation system with ugly push/pop operations, there's no way to clearly predict order of bones without referencing meshes. Usually it imports ok if you haven't messed with meshtree, but the chance to mess things up is still really big. So, as additional safety check, WT checks bone names against mesh names, and additionally checks if amount of bones is similar to amount of meshes. This way it can clearly predict if original TR animation integrity is broken or not.
as long as bone names are "synced" with mesh names (meaning - every bone name should contain full name of corresponding mesh name), you're good to go.

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