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Thank you for sticking with us!

Originally Posted by Mikky View Post
There's a new level on the latest update! St Francis Folly. The update that apparently makes us lose everything... *sigh* I'll update and let y'all know the damage

EDIT - So yeah, everything is truly gone. It seems by default every player gets 500 gems as compensation (which is pennies, really) but we can get additional compensation if we message them with our old player ID - we'll see in time what that is exactly. I can't comment on the new level because I'd actually have to reach it to unlock it first, which isn't gonna happen anytime soon (if at all). There's also a bunch of new features and reward systems, like defeating a certain number of enemies to get stuff (kind of like achievements but not really). I've only played the first two chapters but there does actually seemed to have been some significant gameplay/difficulty balancing, so it doesn't seem to be overwhelmingly unfair from the get go, although who knows how that will change as you progress. The game also now runs smoother than ever.

That's it from what I can tell. Like I said before, I have little interest or motivation to play this again right now, but who knows, that might change in the future. As much as I am genuinely interested in all these lil' updates, maybe it would just be better to wait for the full release and go from there.
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