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Default European Club Football 2020-2021

This section doesn't get a great deal of interest but I have decided to create this thread none the less. If a single person posts in this thread then I guess that creating it was worthwhile.

The previous season (2019/2020) was a strange one, what with Covid causing the season to be suspended, and uncertainty as to whether the season would resume. That must have been very frightening for some fans, especially Liverpool fans as they'd have been denied their first Premier League title. Liverpool completely dominated the league, whereas City, United and Chelsea made the top 4. Leicester, Wolves and Sheffield United did remarkably well by their standards, finishing 5th, 7th and 9th. Arsenal only managed 8th. Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth were all relegated, whereas Aston Villa narrowly avoided the drop.

As for this season, Liverpool are doing a lot worse in comparison to last season. Man City are looking pretty dominate. Leicester and West Ham are doing remarkably well by their standards. United are doing well. Chelsea and Tottenham seem to be a bit inconsistent. Arsenal are doing badly. Sheffield United fell victims to second season syndrome and are already relegated. Fulham and West Brom are looking like the most likely candidates to also go down. Everton and Aston Villa got off to great start to the season, and I wondered if they might do a Leicester, but instead they've had to settle with being top 10 sides.

I didn't bet money on any of the outsiders this year as I was in a secure environment and therefore unable to make any bets.
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