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I bought the remastered collection for my Series X. I own all three games on my PS4 but 15 for all three games with all DLC just seemed like a bargain.

I played the reboot and actually appreciate it a lot more now than I did then but honestly I'm just not feeling Rise. Graphically it's still lovely and the Geothermal valley looks nice now too. I've got to the part just after Lara rescues Jonah so I know I'm a good ways in and I can't seem to find the will to continue. Knowing the rehashed final ascent, the wasted opportunity of Kitezh and the 'boss fight' with the chopper is coming just really puts me off.

I don't know why I don't enjoy this game. It does everything the reboot does and in many ways polishes it up more. I just can't warm up to it though.
... in my opinion.

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