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Originally Posted by [Xmas] View Post
Wow you guys are legends for making so much progress with model swapping. Never thought I'd get to live long enough to see someone actually replace Lara's model without it making the game crash lol.

Will you release the tools to the public at some point?
There are no tools for model swapping, it is done manually via hex editing.

Model swapping is only useful to switch between player Legend Lara/player Anniversary Lara anyway, because they're the only ones sharing the same bone order for the animations to work correctly.

Irastris is working on a Blender add-on to export custom models to the format to make the process automatic. Though he's very busy with work and these are the current limits:

- only 1 weight per vertex (game limit is 2, but we still have to add the code to write the second weight)

- only 1 mesh, so only one material (not possible at the moment to add hair with alpha channel, for example)

- only possible to mod Anniversary Lara for now, but porting to other instances is very easy with hex editing

- 21850 vertices limit for the whole model (this limit might stay forever since it seems like the engine just crashes if your model has more vertices)
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