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Thank you all!

Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
The moving sun will probably be useful for cutscenes I guess. Is it possible to move other coordinates too, to make it move up and down while it's moving in one direction?
If you have already read the basic SDK tutorial of Paolone, then you've already heard about "progressive actions" (= about Organizers). Embedding several progactions into each other is probably possible, but seems very complicated (eg. moving to north and also moving to east at the same time), so no, at the same time you can move the sun only in one direction now.
However, you don't lose any spectacular thing with you can't do it.
I mean, I experienced that sun was programmed in a very simple way. I mean, not for arches, like a "normal" sun, but it works "around" the "cube" of the level, on lines, in three directions: north-south (from A to B), west-east (from C to D) and up-down (from E to F). It seems "circular" for you only because the huge distance between the sun and Lara.

On the other hand, the sun has got some new in-game (trigger-controlled) customizations:

- Set new (requested) fix coordinates/color any time (even when the sun is moving).
- Move it in one (east, up, north etc.) requested direction any time. (Between the original and the requested end coordinate of a huge fix interval. Speed is also customizable.)
- Slow color change from the start color to the requested one. Speed is also customizable.
- Pulsing between the start color and the requested one. Speed is also customizable. At the end: actual, start or end color is restored. Stop: immediately, timed or after the required amount of pulse phases.

I mean, how would we use it? If we can enter values ourself,
Nothing is prefixed. You can type/choose the value you want.

I guess we can use it for a helicopter for example (kinda like in Industrial Rooftops in AOD).
Why not?
Or the moving sun as a UFO?
Or if you have a lighthouse drawn in the horizon, then the pulsing sun could be a nice beacon. (If the start or the end color is 0/0/0 "nothing", then the pulse happens between nothing and a color.)

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