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Default What's up with the Wii/PS2 versions

let me preface this by apologizing in case we already had a thread like this,, but they're all hidden for this subforum so i cant possibly know

okay, so what's up with the wii and ps2 versions of this game?
i had previously completed the ds (which we won't include in this disccusion), pc and ps2 versions of this game and im now playing through the wii version for the first time,
and im finding that not only it is different from the ps3/xbox360/pc version (which was to be expected), it's also not the same as the ps2 version lmao
and im not just talking about the controls, ofc those were gonna differ, im finding differences in the level design and in the polishing as well

and this is hardly just a matter of adjusting the levels to be playable on older hardware, some of them are straight up completely unrecognizable (ex: croft manor)

so do we know how this happened? did the team that was responsible for porting the game over to wii and ps2 take the liberty to redesign most of the levels? (not that i'd judge them for it, some of the wii level designs are literally better than those of the main version lol)
or were they provided with different/older builds of the game? in that case, why were the level layouts changed so much during development?

im hopin for
a) civil discussion here
b) someone that can actually bring up some receipts baby
c) someone that can point me to the track that's used in the main chamber in croft manor in the wii version bc???? the blade runner vibes???
working on AoD 2D for the culture

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