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Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
^When it comes to the scope reductions, did they seriously cut out areas because they felt the game was too long?
No no - give the full article a read if you have a minute. Eric says they planned the game in a way that would allow them to trim content if necessary without removing entire levels outright. They knew developing for next gen consoles would have challenges and wanted to prepare for that; despite that, they still made mistakes they had tried to avoid. It's not because they thought the game was too long, it was because the game was becoming too large for the hardware to handle. They weren't experienced enough with the tech to know how to make it work, so they had to make cuts.

Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Also, a next gen version of the Jan Mayen motorbike area was created and a screenshot is used as the loading screen for at lest the PS2 version. The next gen loading screen is just of the tower inside.
Now that you mention it, I do seem to remember seeing that at some point. I'll have to check out a YouTube playthough to see it again. Thanks for the tid bit!
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